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Team Farmasinara
Team Farmasinara

A variety of skills at the service of an ambitious project, steeped in values but also in the love of research that aims at efficiency and economic sustainability, at caring for the customer and their deep-seated needs. An optimal combination born of an encounter between people from different backgrounds, who are investing in the strength of the group as a means to enhance individual competences.

Without a doubt Prof. Giorgio Pintore, who runs Sassari University’s Laboratory for Natural Substances in Chemistry and Pharmacy, is well-endowed with passion and love of research. Prof. Pintore is Chairman of the Management Board and is responsible for the research and development area, supervising and coordinating production at the laboratory.

Prof. Giorgio Pintore and  Juri Masoni
Prof. Giorgio Pintore and Juri Masoni

Understanding the deep-seated needs of the individual combined with studying the most innovative forms of communication is Juri Masoni’s great passion. With his Academic Certificate in Advertising Graphics, obtained at the Turin IED (European Institute of Design), he has worked as Art Director at the SaffirioTortelliVigorti (STV) advertising agency. In Sardinian Natural Substances his role is to supervise the Marketing and Commercial Development area.

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